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The Project on Hissin


Maple Veneer was used for parents' master bathroom and guest bathroom furniture

Children's bathroom furniture in veneer and pink, a solid maple shelf

ארון כיור מלא.jpg
ארון כיור.jpg
ארון אמבטיה.jpg
חדר אמבטיה.jpg
תקריב רהיט אמבטיה.jpg
חדר רחצה 2 הכל.jpg
חדר רחצה 2.jpg

The Project at Kfar Sikrin


A combination of 3-layer oak and pink and green Formica applied to a core of birch plywood. MOVENTO drawers by Blum: concealed runners, full extension and soft closing.

3   IMG_5408.jpg
2    IMG_5434 copy.jpg
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6    IMG_5295_edited.jpg

The Project on David Yelin


Top mirror cabinet, with push-to-open mechanism and colorful integrated shelves. Vanity includes two huge drawers with marble sides and top.


The Apartment on Byron

Bathroom furniture includes a countertop made out of the same stained and varnished red plywood, with a vessel sink.

Hall – on the right, girls' rooms and family space; opposite – entrance to the master bedroom; on the left, utility closet, washing machine, and dryer, and next, entrance to girls' bathroom.

Doors in yellow Formica with varnished beechwood moldings, door and window frames in red plywood with exposed and varnished molding.

Master bathroom sliding door and furniture

Architects | Hadar Menkes and Motti Rauchwerger

Photographer | Dor Kedmi

 Salty Architects | 


The Apartment in Ramat Gan

For the bathroom, we opted for pinewood planks which once served as a floor. They combine well with the surrounding tadelakt (Moroccan plaster for moist environments) 

קטן חדר אמבטיה לונג חתוך.jpg
 חדר אמבטיה.jpg

The Apartment on Elro'i

Floating vanity, cut-out handles in massive oak, covered with stained and varnished oak veneer 

Wall-mounted furniture with a unique stained veneer, edge handles, mitered edges

Guest bathroom sink sits on a solid oak countertop, stained and varnished 

Architect | Liat Muller | Shaga Architects

Photographs | Laetitia Boulud 

תקריב ארון אמבטיה.jpg

A Rooftop Apartment on Rabi Tanchum

The sliding doors with goblins were a challenge: creating a detail that is based on an existing mechanism but should naturally integrate with the organic space of the curved walls. The goblin is protected by two panes of glass which also serve as an acoustical partition. The door frame is made of oak wood sandwiched between two sheets of moisture-resistant MDF.


Architect | Ben Gitai

Project Management | Stela Projects Ltd.

Photographs | Laetitia Boulud


The Project on Refidim

Bedroom closets in Formica on birch plywood with exposed molding, surrounding frame from stained and varnished beech veneer, with custom-made oak handles

 Bathroom cabinets, top surface from varnished and stained multi-layered beech – an amazing material Tal introduced to us!

 Fronts from varnished and stained red plywood, with beech veneer and cut-out holes. Drawers with concealed Blum runners

IMG_4869 br2.jpg
IMG_4871 br3.jpg
br1 IMG_4881 .jpg
IMG_4874 br4.jpg

The Project on Mazeh

Bathroom vanity and mirror cabinet – a combination of Red Formica on birch and parts of the old cabinet’s doors


The Project on Mazeh

Bathroom vanity and mirror cabinet – a combination of Red Formica on birch and parts of the old cabinet’s doors

אדום מא״זה.jpg

The Project on Yehuda Hayamit

Formica-covered birch with exposed molding, with a resistant, two-component varnish finish; rope drawer handles

רהיט אמבטיה ירוק1.jpg
רהיט אמבטיה ירוק2.jpg

The House in Kfar Uria

Parents' bathroom furniture made of five old orange boxes, left intact for the furniture's lower part, and dismantled to be used as planks for its top surface.

Architects | Elron Arch

Photographer | Hagar Zigler

רהיט אמבטיה כפר אוריה.jpg
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