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The Kitchen on Hisin |

A Topography of Wood

For the kitchen, we used a 3-layer loblolly pine wood with integrated handles. An ample pantry hides behind the perforated door.


The Kitchen on Tarsat | The Iceberg

Fronts from bleached birch plywood with longitudinal handles from the same material.

The lower kitchen continues to the laundry closet in the utility area.


The Kitchen on Eilat st |

Pinterest in a Friend

Keeping it simple – old-style red plywood with wood frames, shelf and hooks spray painted in white

מטבח מאונך.jpg

The Kitchen on Pinsker |


Shutters rescued from the original apartment were sandblasted and varnished, then set inside this kitchen's fronts. The sharp of eye will notice the decorative wood panels in the Formica fronts, also taken from the shutters.


The Kitchen on David Yellin |

Space-optimized Urbanism

Fronts' frame and fillings made of oak, combined with color. Minimalistic L-shaped edge pulls help merge the two different front types.

 קטן מטבח סופי מעובד.jpg

The Kitchen on Zamenhof | Timeless

Teak plywood doors, varnished, with a Danish feel… A one-of-a-kind kitchen island, spray painted in black: a freestanding oven on one side; a TV on the side facing the living room, with a seating area and drawers.

מטבח מלא.jpg

The Kitchen in the Carmel Market |

Mixed techniques

A genuine vintage piece was restored and adjusted so it can be displayed on both sides.

Kitchen fronts in green MDF with a massive oak molding in clear varnish.


The Kitchen on Byron Street |

Custom-Made Space

 Salty Architects | 

We created several glass cabinets with a retro detail – sliding glass doors with a cutout pull, and two fixed windows on the side facing the apartment's front door.

Architects | Hadar Menkes and Motti Rauchwerger
מטבח יפה .jpg

The Apartment in Ramat Gan |

Craft-loving guests from Switzerland

A display cabinet from a pharmacy in the Netherlands, bought at Jaffa's flea market, was transformed into three pieces positioned against the quiet background of this modern kitchen.

small 3    20210225-IMG_5307.jpg

The Kitchen in Kfar Sirkin |

Modern nostalgia

A kitchen inspired by the esthetics of the 1950s onwards, with a contemporary interpretation.

Fronts – a combination of black and pink Formica on birch plywood, molding exposed and varnished, massive varnished beech molding, and varnished red ??

Units' inner parts and LEGRABOX drawers by Blum in gray graphic Formica.

Cabinets have sliding glass panels on both sides or mirrored backs. A pull-out pantry.

קטן מטבח.jpg

The Kitchen on Manne |

City Stuff

A half-wall hides the kitchen from those entering the apartment; the refrigerator and pantry fit into the resulting niche.

Doors of cabinets and drawers in light blue, while the frames and open shelves are made of a yellowish birch – a color scheme characterizing the entire apartment

Wall lamps bought in China.

אי מבט לסלון עציץ ק.jpg

The Kitchen on Shivtei Israel |

A sturdy island

Cracked oak with a flush mount sink, birch spray painted in black on a black metal frame.

 קטןקטן מטבח.jpg

The Kitchen in Bee'ri |

Clean, Black, White, Wood & Iron

In the kitchen, a combination of stained oak veneer (matching the floor's color pattern), and an open unit above the sink with a stainless-steel dish rack built into the wood. Kitchen island's fronts spray painted in white with elegant edge pulls, black kitchen fronts, and an identically stained island worktop.

מטבי ישר.jpg

The Kitchen on Mazeh |

Cozy Tel Aviv

In the kitchen, dark red Formica on birch plywood edges exposed and varnished (for a crafty appearance). There's even a double decker dishwasher!

מטבח לונגשוט.jpg

The Kitchen in Kfar Uria |

Wood, iron and blue

The kitchen uses the same wood, combined with birch fronts coated with two-toned blue Formica.

Architects | Elron Arch

The Kitchen on Modigliani |

Home industrial

Wooden upgrade for a store-like mounted element

Lower cabinets on black metal legs, and blue Formica fronts on birch


The Kitchen on Rabi Tanchum |
Israeli Artisan

The choice of using integrated handles for the kitchen's base cabinets as well as green MDF presented a challenge: a curved front with carved handles, and no possibility to glue materials once the door is built. Here we used vacuum forming (usually used when working with composite materials), and used inner keels to make the front's radius as precise as possible – the intersection of the corner worktop, the front of the curved drawer underneath and the cupboard's terrazzo platform left no room for the deviations frequent in laminations works.

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