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There are libraries | And there are Libraries with reclaimed materials

Here are some reasons why I love working with existing or reclaimed materials, whether furniture parts or ready-mades:

The frequency of unexpected challenges requires high problem-solving skills and mental flexibility. This process, that one may compare to a meditation in motion, is well manifested in the result.

The sentiment or nostalgy a known material or form arouses in me and in every human being; the action of taking an existing object and putting it to a new use, cleverly and tastefully changing its function. This is a personal statement I need to make. The ecological aspect of reusing and recycling is a bonus.

The Library on Zamenhof 

The Abraham Library | An Iconic Hack

An iconic shelving unit by one of Israel's oldest industrial companies (Ha'argaz) is transformed into a modular system .

I created the first object while working on an apartment on Zamenhof street. The architect was Liat Muller, with whom I have worked several times. Liat originally planned an iron library with carpentry units, which exceeded the budget and sent the couple searching for a modern industrial shelving unit. Liat and I suggested an intermediary solution of using Ha'argaz's shelving unit with some added carpentry units. I was happy to take on the challenge and figure out the interface details between the system and the added units, and the sample detail I created made all of us fall in love; this is how the first library was born. Since then, I have continued to manufacture various functions based on the same principle. I consider it a dynamic theme – I am still possessed by the passion to create a connection (or a clash) between industrial objects and the pinnacle of materials, and working with CNC has expanded our possibilities. In my busy business life, I yearn for an opportunity to find some time and play more and more around these areas…

The Abraham library is a modular shelving unit of iconic metal shelves, with wooden modules connecting to the frame, resulting in a multifunctional furniture.

The action here is essentially hacking an object that is a long-standing Israeli icon, still manufactured and used in homes and industries. We wentWe've decidedmade a choice for minimal action: a conscious decision to refrain from adding any superfluous elements or from replacing existing elements.

The final result is an upgrade to a unique, multifunctional furniture, with an aspect of sustainability.

Architect | Liat Muller
קט סיפריה תיקון צבע.jpg
מטבח זוית שניה בפוקוס.jpg
ספריית אברהם 2אברהם.jpg

The Library on Nehardea

A recessed walnut veneer library.

Black Walnut – an elegant wood with a deep dark hue.

The recessed library at the end of the hall is daringly spray-painted in red.

Architecture | Idit Kopsi & Tal Niri - Studio Ponny

קטן מתוקן ספרייה1IMG_9077.jpg
 קטןתקריב ספריהIMG_9083_edited.jpg
IMG_9051.jpgספריה תקריב2קטן.jpg

The Library on Mazeh 

Birch in clear varnish, circular cutout cabinet holes. The TV screen is hidden behind wood shutters, which are rolled into the wood columns when open.

הספריה פרונט.jpg
ספריה מהצד.jpg

The Library on Yehuda Hayamit | Diving into the books

Exposed birch plywood with varnished oak molding, and self-manufactured oak handles. A framed mirror, made from the same detail, serves as the fuse box's door.

סיפרייה מעובדתIMG_2724_edited.jpg
סקטש צבעוני.jpg
זוית 2 סיפריה.jpg

The Library on Yehuda Hayamit |A door-to-closet transformation

Old doors converted into two storage chests and floating shelves – the shelves are coated in new Formica and set with sections of the same doors.

קטן סיפרייה מדלתות ארו ישן תקריב2.jpg
משולבות חומר ישן

The Library on Spinoza | A Geometrical Order

A patchwork of ten furniture

כל החדר.jpg
 קטן ארון.jpg
 קטן גדי סלון 2 001.jpg
סקיצה סלון.jpg

The Library on Tamar | A nostalgic tribute

The drawer units were the sole survivors from an old mahogany desk of sentimental value – which was resurrected as a library in this study

בהיר יותר.jpg
סקיצה 2.jpg
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